We are all born for a reason, we all have a duty to pursue. I always ask myself, why am I still alive? And why was I born in the first place? These questions make me realize how valuable life is, with or without the external power. Sometimes we become ignorant, even forget that being alive is the greatest gift, we realize that only when someone close have passed away. Life may seem bad by your side today, but that’s the way of life – we become strong when we have defeated our barriers. If you haven’t find your gift or duty yet wait for the right time, only mine and your Creator knows the right time for you to shine. *LLUKBRIGHT*



Peace Of Mind! There’s nothing in this world that is greater than having peace of mind!

This is MY WORLD! "LLukbright's Blog"

If you’re reading this, please always remember that you were bought here for a reason, although the Universe may take time to respond back, and the Soul may take time to guide you and listen to your wishes. The truth is, when the universe together with the soul and the Creator respond back, they will not only help on breaking financial problems, but bring PEACE OF MIND and things to be GRATEFUL FOR. GOOD LUCK ON YOUR JOURNEY, I LOVE YOU ALL!

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Our minds are programmed. And Our life is Controlled!

It’s so sad to know the fact that Social media’s and every man made things surrounding us were made to destroy us!

So wish I can spend 20 hrs sitting and chatting with my family and people I Iove. And not spend it in a light screen!

This post will not go viral. Businesses behind this dilemma will reveal it to fewer people!

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